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Название: 6th Map Contest
Отправлено: Jack Mower от 06/04/2015 18:24:46
6th NoxWorld map contest!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you brand new map contest organised by NoxWorld! A year ago we had a lot of interesting maps and participants and we hope your will to create is still living. Enough talking, let's get to a real talk!
Main topic of this contest is "Closed space"! Let it be the only thing to block your creativity! Wanna fights in Dun Mir corridoors? Here you go! Or maybe some edgy caves? You are welcome! Or you want to fight even in some necromancer castles? It's up to you, everything is up to your creativity!

Let's speak about the rules. You will have two weeks only after this message to submit a map. If you are not possible to get to the deadline, inform NoxWorld administration about moving deadlines a little bit further. Anyway, note that there is a limit in extending contest time.

After every map is submitted on April, 20th Extended until April, 24th, for next two weeks forum users are able to vote for the maps. Voting will be open for everyone. It means that every person is able to vote for maps, even the participants. Of course we will ingore their votes when they vote for a map that they submit. Authors of the maps will not be revealed until the end of the contest.

Voting: everyone who is willing to vote must take note that he must place his vote from 1 to 5 on each criteria and they are following:

And the nominations are following:
What you need to know to take a part in a contest:

Send a PM to Jack Mower ( that will contain a map and couple of screenshots (for every map there must be one archive). If you want, add some comment to your map. You may also specify which game mode is meant for this map to be played. You can take part alone or in a pair. New maps are meant to be brand new that no one has ever seen OR (sic!) even maps with altered tileset, equipment and design, which kept only wall placement from the original. For example, Fallest, which is a remake of Estate. Note that those maps will be checked strictly!

Map requirements:
Good luck, mates!

If you have any questions related to this map contest, please feel free to contact Squall ( or Perfect (