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Russian NoX Dedicated Server
« Ответ #0 : 09/04/2011 20:28:47 »

You can't play anymore without registered account!
More info here

Hello dear Noxers!

As we all know, there are dedicated Nox servers in WOL. Advantages are easy to figure: always online at stable ping and smooth connection - and we don't need Hamachi to play.
Unfortunately, foreign servers are quite distant, so ping is way too high, inconvinient time zones... ugh. Thus the idea of creating NoXWorld's server was born. It faced some difficulties (no free computer, primarily), but in November 2010 Evengard found a way to launch a dedicated server and has been working on it since, perfecting the control system and so on. During these months the server proved reliability (Hooray!) and was often used for mass noxing.

So, what should one do to join NoXWorld server? Not very much - to install mix's patch (allowing direct game search via ip) and to add that line in game_ip.txt file: that, just go Multiplayer -> Network and join just like a regular LAN game. If you can't see the server, either it is on maintainance or you have problems connecting. In the latter case just press "Find" button and type the same adress.
Hope you will like it :)
P.S.: It's a stretch but probably, if popular, the server will once see a brother or sister...  ;)

Spoiler: mapcycle.txt (click to show/hide)

All maps uploaded:
Spoiler: uploaded maps (click to show/hide)

PS: all english-speaking members can discuss the server in this topic - everything posted here will be taken in account alongside with the russian topic.
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