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NoX / Nox New Server
« : 04/02/2018 16:06:26 »
I apologize if I post in the wrong category
I just got back to the game a month ago and I went into the multiplayer mode and I was surprised to see that they were not servers or players, so I thought about starting a project, a server where we can all play in the same team against the evil like a zombie apocalypse with a "open world" map, with a new soft forum

I work on the server and on the forum, unfortunately I can not share on both sides, that's why I need a small team: I need someone who has scripting experience, i need someone who knows how to work in the map editor for NoX and 2 beta testers (if you want to help you can contact me through the ways below)

• the server will be hosted on a vds server from France Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 1 x 2.30GHz - 512 MB - 15 GB - 100 Mbit/s

I'll come back later with pictures or forum information

contact details; ➥steam ; ➥skype ; you can send me a private message here, but it would be better to contact me in another way (:

a picture of the forum that is under construction ;

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