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NoX / Introduction thread - Who are you, Nox fans?
« : 19/03/2012 00:54:03 »
"Not showing your photos" is too ridiculous reason to believe he will really delete someone's account for that. I think it was just an unsuccessful attempt to joke.

No I really will delete his account if I find it on noxforum.

NoX / Introduction thread - Who are you, Nox fans?
« : 18/03/2012 05:05:47 »
Oh, sorry.

I'd rather not post any photos just a personal decision. Mostly since I don't really know any of you IRL.

If I catch you on I'm deleting your account.

NoX / Introduction thread - Who are you, Nox fans?
« : 17/03/2012 00:49:01 »
It was using Gparted on Linux, I'm still new to Linux. All I really lost was one game, all my other games are on a separate HDD.

Nevertheless, thanks for taking the time out of your day to make a post just to make fun of me, it always gives my a warm fuzzy feeling inside... xD

Anytime. >_O

NoX / Introduction thread - Who are you, Nox fans?
« : 16/03/2012 07:04:20 »
I'm from the USA, Washington. I'm 15, but have been playing since I was 7 or something like that.

As for hobbies, I like to play video games, read, dance (could be anything like swing, ballroom, or brake dancing). I currently learning the Python programing language... Well sort of, an accidental HDD format has discouraged any further learning. Still want to get back on it, though. Oh, and I'm homeschooled.

Did that answer your questions?

You accidentally formatted your hard drive? HAHAHAHA

Yeah, I remember editing maps with winhack, filling them with monsters and using bookcases as walls and stuff. Never really got to edit maps with a hex editor though, I was just around 12 years old, didn't understand anything of it.
The map editor was actually a pleasant suprise when I first got to use it, quite user-friendly.

This was much later then that.. When we first decrypted the .map file but didn't have a map editor yet.. We knew how .map files were layed out for almost a year before even a basic map editor was created.

In those days we had no way to encrypted a .nxz file so everyone had to have the .map file or they would crash if they joined your game. Lol.

A trick was to use another .nxz and rename it to the name of your map.. but then their client would think they were on that map and couldn't see any of the walls or tiles in your map. Good times.

I remember when I used to make maps without the map editor using 010 Editor.. I still remember that Walls would 7 Bytes in size and the minimume tile was 16/32 bytes in size (Larger Coordinates and way more tile data.. infact when blending came in and edging.. tiles can get really large in size.)

Oh and the checksum had to be a multiple of 8.. FUN.. Not..

You guys have it easy..

The Map editor code was written by 3 different people in two different languages. Morden was the last person to touch it and was the one to add all the GUI stuff.

The Map database loads the map and using the libraries created by D00d3r / Zoaedk reads the map data and then looks up all the objects / tiles from the appropiate bins then grabs the images and places them at the right coordinates (Almost like nox does)

Morden basically combined his NoxModSuite functionality with the older Non-Gui based Map Editor..

Btw, how does GUI work there? Can't understand the method..

Can you rephrase this question? GUI for what?

Better script compiler.

Actually some more, but can't tell right now.

I agree with this 100%.. If I get some free time I can look into it..

I know some of the errors and how to fix them already, just need to update the map editor. When d00d3r and Zoa wrote the script parser sometimes incorrect bytes are written to the .map file. It is really annoying that the script editor corrupts map files.

The Map Editor is open source.. What do you want added to it?  :lol:

From Morden:

but what I really need for a perfect mod suite is the compression algorithm for the .bags. Zoa and Dood3rs nxdecrypt and nxencrypt with un encrypt and uncompress the files but they don't RE compress them. Every time you add or replace images in the video.bag it gets larger because of that. I don't have any softice or w/e anymore and am rusty as fuck with assm

but the ruskies have fucked with the exe all to hell
if they get me that algorithm its golden


Modding/Mapping/Scripting / Nox 2 - Live Video
« : 19/02/2012 20:07:12 »
FYI.. We have been looking at making NOX 2 for the last 6 months using the UDK engine.. Check out some of our live videos.

(Can you guess what map that is?)

Immortal: you gonna update the Nox Mod Suite ever?
Immortal: or you done with it?
M72TheLaw™: currently working on it
M72TheLaw™: i left it alone 6 years ago but that stav guys been using it
M72TheLaw™: so i'm cleaning it up
Immortal: the russians
Immortal: wanna know
M72TheLaw™: tell them to compile a wishlist
Immortal: more then stavros use it..

Morden wants a wishlist of things you guys want added to nox mod suite..

I just wrote that on the map database so people didn't abuse it..

You can actually upload closer to 1.2 MB's.. If you need that to be increased I will increase it.  :good:

Thank you for making great maps!

P.s. I didn't realize how ****ed up the rating system was.. Fixed it. LoL

You ruskies are still posting maps in our forums and not in the map database.. I had to add this map from evengard.

Please post them Here:

You get one freebie..

P.s. Whoever made that map.. Great Job!  :good:

Modding/Mapping/Scripting / Hey Ruskies
« : 21/09/2010 15:19:53 »
Nice one. I am just playing around.  >:(

Modding/Mapping/Scripting / Hey Ruskies
« : 21/09/2010 15:11:09 »
Clause 3.3 is about commercials, misinformation and all manner of indecent entries. That stuff is forbidden. Clause 2.4 concerns thread titles that fail to provide insight into the topic content.

Well I am a moderator for

So you ruskies have to do what i say. I'm the boss!

One sec let me log into the FTP for Noxhub ill get you the download links.


Nox Mod Suite By Mordentral:

Modding/Mapping/Scripting / Hey Ruskies
« : 06/09/2010 21:26:21 »
I can't read the forum rules because I don't speak russian, Make an english version.

Modding/Mapping/Scripting / Hey Ruskies
« : 05/09/2010 20:00:23 »
Whats up Ruskies, Just a heads up, if you make a map that is even half fucking decent, upload it here:

Also, Can you make this forum un-private so English speaking people can read it using a website translator?
Alright Piece<deleted>

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