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I am for adding mineTomb, sjjc and grotto.
Or darklib.

Ember is extremely annoying map to play!

Network game / Russian NoX Dedicated Server
« : 31/10/2017 19:32:25 »
NoxWorld server down for good?

NoX / Разговоры о Nox 2
« : 03/04/2017 15:36:45 »


Here, I have put together a few maps which I believe could be a good contribution to the NW server.

Spoiler: map pictures (click to show/hide)

Рубаем по интернету / Frag-Machine
« : 06/03/2017 06:08:11 »
The last two rounds can be seen here:

I have an idea, since the editor can export map to image, it would be good I guess to always add picture showing the entire map instead of the screenshot only.

So how does this work? When someone presents a map here, what is the process to pass the map to main NW server?

Рубаем по интернету / Дуэли
« : 19/02/2017 22:18:11 »
Norten and I have not been able to align schedules so I let him to propose a better time.

Рубаем по интернету / Дуэли
« : 13/02/2017 17:54:08 »
DooDooDo not worry, I will!  ;)

Рубаем по интернету / Дуэли
« : 13/02/2017 17:20:22 »
Duel accepted!
Next Sunday 20:00. Is it ok?

its the newest version of map editor.
You can see the list of all the changes and improvements here:

Прочее / Тема для оффтопа II
« : 04/02/2017 04:25:37 »
I would like to point out that there is one player with name LegendKiller and he is extremely cool!

NoX / Галерея Скриншотов!
« : 29/01/2017 00:41:50 »
Было забавно) я начал фанится за колдуна с палкой и луком.
Your Bow and especially Staff tactic are the best what can be seen in Nox. Even great warriors like Peter the Third are afraid of it!  :lol:

Прочее / Тема для оффтопа II
« : 09/01/2017 05:48:07 »
I think one or two small buildings with some stuff inside would be nice.
btw be carefull, you have about 400 duplicated extents there including the PitCrumblingFloor holes which
makes them work not properly.

and one more thing, the spiders have about 120 00 hp which is NOOOOOOOOO fun especially when they get out of the hole.

Прочее / Тема для оффтопа II
« : 08/01/2017 02:33:23 »
(а также тестим новую карту мистера Алдвина)

That map with spiders everywhere?

Прочее / Тема для оффтопа II
« : 12/12/2016 20:25:52 »
good job, bro! i wanna add ur video to Game-results-post
what is ur nickname in game??

I was Nothing Ness and Lol

Прочее / Тема для оффтопа II
« : 11/12/2016 04:02:47 »
I have recorded a bit the last event. I know Garett was streaming but maybe it's still worth to share the vids here especially the crazy FlagBall.

Impulse & ManaMine:

I am not going to use russian language since I know only four words:  "да", "хорошо", "дерево" and "гла́сность"
and there is no way I could put together some meaningful sentence of this.

I do not understand why is it problem to use translator for you.

>>Good afternoon. Do not quite understand, is the answer?

Press F4 button on your keyboard.

>>Move this message to the Russian language. I also reduces your karma by one.

That's only fair. I am the bad guy.

Прочее / Origin дарит NOX
« : 01/06/2016 12:49:57 »
Коллективная игра: Официальные серверы игры закрыты, и коллективная игра доступна только по локальной сети

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